Get personal

with your data !

arkii is the first free ethical human search engine.

Let’s build arkii together, the universal directory where everyone has the absolute power to share or protect his / her own personal details.


I am free to register, update or withdraw any personal details (mailing address, phone, networks, etc.).


I can set aside some of my private details to a group of contacts


My searches result in always up-to-date contact information.


My personal details will always be safe from comment.

How does it work ?

By choosing the personal details I want to share, I help create a simple, cooperative, search engine.

My own details, under my own control.

I have absolute freedom to register, modify or delete any of my personal details at any time.

A simple and revolutionary search engine

I can contact anyone,  and access all updated information,  by filling only 3 relevant criteria.

A humanist manifesto.

I can learn more about arkii’s ethics and purpose by reading the book “Let’s coordinate !!, humanist manifesto to face the digital flood” published by Nouveau Monde Publishing House.

All faces on all interfaces.

Whether for private or business use, I can connect to others from any device via arkii.

Ready to coordinate ?

By deciding right now what personal details I would like to publish, I contribute to the arkii adventure