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about how arkii works

What does arkii really offer me?

  • Does the risk of losing your contact book worry you ? arkii lets you save this without being dependent on any specific technology.
  • Are you fed up with having so many obsolete contact details for each contact (honestly, half of your repertory out of date) ? arkii means you can have a complete permanently refreshed contact book, updated directly by the people who are in it.
  • You have not been able or had the time to make a note of someone’s contact details ? arkii lets you find in the blink of an eye the contact details of someone you have lost contact with or just met.

arkii, is it just a directory with addresses and phone numbers?

It is so much more than that, it is a comprehensive overview of all human contact details.

  • Name, first names, avatars or pseudonyms,
  • Geographic, phone or digital details,
  • Specific addresses for each of the types of social networks
  • adresses permanentes et/ou éphémères,
  • Permanent and/or temporary addresses
  • Personal, work and/or game contact details

 In the future, everyone will be able to add future forms of connected contact details

  • biometric addresses,
  • interstellar data.

arkii, what isn’t it?

arkii is not an arena for opinions: it is not possible, at any time to :

  • communicate the points of view, opinions or emotions of its users
  • express any reaction relating to a person using the site, including by means of symbols (emoji, gif, etc.).

arkii n’est pas un network de tendances identifiables : nul ne peut tracer les goûts, inclinaisons ou préférences de ses membres ou utilisateurs

What is an arkiian?

You know about social networks. arkii, is a network society: a database in which the contact data belongs to its members, (i.e. the arkiians who have registered on arkii and whose contact details are held in the universal directory)

What is Monark?

Each arkiian can place her/his restricted contacts in a dedicated space (the Monark, or “my Ark”), which is her/his personal address book on arkii, and which constantly being updated and backed up.

Is it possible to search arkii without being an arkiian?

It certainly is. It’s easy, fast and free. To find a list of all the contact details that a person has agreed to make public, inputting just 3 distinct elements is enough, for example :

  • First name – temporary place of residence – pseudonym
  • First name – work – town of residence
  • Name – course location – social media account
  • First name – name of study course – social media account

How are the contact details protected, if everyone can access them?

People are free to search, but registration is protected. To register on arkii (that is to enter, confirm or change your contact details), a password is needed. The arkiians (i.e. the person registered on arkii) have sole control over their own personal details (which can be changed at any time).

What guarantees are there that arkii is not going to use my personal data?

You have a dual guarantee: One is you and the other is the construction of the site. Here’s why :

  • Only you can enter the contact details you wish to share and it is technically impossible to steal what is offered. Because we are collectively building an open and free of charge database, we are protecting ourselves against any misappropriation.
  • arkii does not allow anyone to enter comments, whether positive or negative, and does not leave any scope for a subjectivity relating to the contact details. By its very construction, arkii prevents any form of tracking.

Can you give me an example of a quick and relevant search?

Here is on :

I want to find an IT specialist, as part of a recruitment campaign, and I know : 

  • That I met someone using the alias Tekloo during a digital forum in Cologne,
  • That I remember that she came from Texas,
  • And that we talked about the new French Tech.

For this search, I need to enter three criteria :

  • A name related element (e.g. : Tekloo)
  • A geographic element (e.g. : Texas ou Cologne)
  • A supplementary element (e.g. : Start up, French tech)

Using the three criteria, arkii will allow me to :

  • Find the person I am looking for: Laura P. Dooney of Paris (Texas), whose social network pseudonym is Tekloo
  • Access the information she wants to be made public
  • And the possibility, if I would like, to ask her for access to her personal circle (Monark) or invite her to join mine.

The arkii platform is currently accessible via a screen (computer, smartphone). Isn’t that already a little outdated?

It is adapted to current needs. In the future the arkii platform will be accessible with voice command: it will be possible to call a friend on arkii by telling arkii dto find that friend. As well as all other interfaces : the platform will be accessible using every imaginable sort of interface in the future (connected clothing, etc.).

Questions / Answers

on the development of arkii

Aren’t there already generalist directories?

In reality, no: There are no other projects for a free and universal directory like arkii. This is what is available today :

  • Private directories (such as directories of alumni or members of an association) which are, by definition, based on exclusivity and containing data that is not open,
  • The classic directory sites, geographically based (Yellow Pages, Editus, Yellow Directory, etc.), and using certain specific types of contact details (postal, telephonic, etc.) and which do not offer a combined listing of all potentially available contact details,
  • The social networks where the aim is to keep their members within the network, or direct them towards their commercial partners,
  • The generalist search engines (such as Google, Bing or Qwant), where the aim is to find statistically relevant instances, and not comprehensive and aggregated contact details (enter a name and you do not get all the contact details on a page, you get lots and lots of lateral results),
  • The inquisitorial databases (such as TruePeopleSearch) where the aim is to find individuals, using a minimum of information (first name / family name / location) and to issue “reports” on the subject without their prior agreement. These sites then offer pay-for access to certificates (marriage, divorce, etc.) for the people identified, or to sensitive reports (criminal records, medical records, etc.).

If it’s free, am I the product?

arkii changes the adage: if it’s free, you make the product. By enabling every one of us to take master our own personal data, we provide a unique opportunity to co-create a genuinely free directory.

How do you intend to actually build this platform?

As co-creation is at the heart of the arkii project, it is essential that we all understand the guiding principles before the operational launch of the platform. We have therefore produced :

  • A presentation site, allowing pre-registration (this is where you are!)
  • A film available on social networks
  • A Manifesto, supported by a press/media campaign
  • Dissemination through project Ambassadors

What timetable are you working to?

This human project will be spread over… nine months (i.e. three trimesters) :

  • Trimester 1: Publication of the Manifesto and dissemination of the arkii project through the social networks;
  • Trimester 2: Feedback of reactions on the arkii project and the cooperative development of the site.
  • Trimester 3: Launch of the site and start of the search engine.

How it works ?

By sharing my details, I contribute to a simple and participative search engine.

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